We deal with logistics management for your company and introduce improvements into your organisation.

ActivoPack is the group’s logistical division, where there is a professional team with long experience in the sector.

Aware that the integration of resources is vital to the development of an organisation, we adopt the culture and operational methods of the client company, studying its needs and finding made-to-measure solutions.

We create continuous communication channels in order to contribute our experience to the client while at the same time learning theirs and proposing actions for continuous improvement.

We provide software for warehouse and transport management, measuring the activity by indicators agreed with the client.



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Conventional Logistics

Services of storage, preparation of orders and national and international distribution.

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  • Warehousing
  • Handling
  • Distribution

Inverse Logistics

We carry out a complete follow-up of returns of products.

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  • Back Office
  • Returns Coordinator
  • Transport
  • Administrative Management

Logistical Consultancy

We study and put into effect the proposed improvements to optimise operating capacity.

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  • Design and installation of management systems for operational processes, planning, management and follow-up of resources.
  • Designs for warehousing, reorganisation, operational flows in the warehouse and their optimisation. Results in productivity and profitability.
  • Outsourcing for logistical operations: from the study of what to outsource to implementation with the chosen supplier.
  • Mergers and the integration of companies in any link of the supply chain and planning for transfers from warehouses.

Logistical Outsourcing

We can make the logistical costs variable, operating in the client’s premises.

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  • Electronic consumption companies.
  • Auxiliary construction companies.
  • Lighting companies.
  • Textile companies.
  • Transport companies.